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JAPANESE STREET FOOD – Delicious sweets in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

we’re in Asakusa one of the most traditional districts in Tokyo and we’re heading down to the main attraction Sensojii temple. This is Kaminarimon gate and it leads to the temple, let’s go. So the streets lining Sensojii Temple are packed with souvenirs shops selling lots of little trinkets and lots of street food it […]

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Ch1, Ep 7 : Sushi and sake with a stranger. (Eng Sub)

We just landed in Tokyo! We just arrived in Asakusa I am sick, so sorry for my shitty face… Rachel is sick so I’m going to do the vlog for the beginning of our trip Just in the train between Narita and Asakusa we met two old men who were super nice One of them […]

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How Expensive is it to Travel Japan? | Budget Travel Tips

I think to many people the words budget and Japan seem to be something of a contradiction. There’s this assumption that the cost of visiting Japan for a two-week holiday, would be enough to bankrupt dictator, but it doesn’t have to. In the last year’s Japan has experienced a boom in tourism. From 8 million […]

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