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ASMR 날치알 초밥 오이롤, 감태 군함 먹방 [EATING SOUNDS] MUKBANG

Hi guys Have a happy day today, too. 🙂 Today’s food is tobiko eggs sushi cucumber roll and tobiko eggs ecklonia cava kjellman(a kind of laver) california roll. Cucumber’s crispness and ecklonia cava tenderness It goes well with tobiko eggs(flying fish). It smells like seaweed tastes a little bit bitter but delicious. It contains many […]

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ASMR 매운 해물찜(SPICY BRAISED SEAFOOD) 리얼사운드 먹방 노토킹 이팅사운드 | *NoTalking MUKPPO Eating Show mukbang

Hi everyone! I’m MUKPPO~^^ please subscribe and click the likes button ♥ I’ll try to eat ‘SPICY SEAFOOD BOIL ‘ today. Oyster Oysters are delicious even if eaten spicy. Do you like seafood stew? The bean sprouts are very delicious because they are crunchy. It’s spicy. It’s really delicious. pollack eggs I’ve never tried it […]

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ASMR Eating Poori Chhole | No Talking Mukbang

Hi Guys Welcome to my new video Today I am going to eat Poori Chhole, a famous Indian food This is homemade Chhole (chickpeas) and gravy. This is Poori. It has been prepared with Flour and deep fried in oil. It is crispy but it can be soft. that depends on how you want to […]

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