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Hi, fellow birdies! Today, I’m eating the largest sushi platter of my life! Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe! Let’s start off with unagi (eel) nigiri! Bold and rich taste! The roll is topped with freshwater eel and teriyaki sauce! I got all this sushi from my local Kroger. There are 38 pieces (that […]

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ASMR SALMON SUSHI SEAFOOD EATING SOUNDS M 연어 연어국수 먹방 초밥 サーモン Cá hồi سمك السلمون सामन ปลาแซลมอน 寿司

Hello. You are always Welcome :>(PPASASAK ASMR) please. Like & subscribe Today is ” salmon sushi, salmon noodles, sasimi ” Mukbang & ASMR Let’s eat! Groomed salmon My favorite salmon Chicken is the best Eating salmon I think of chicken the taste of salmon It’s delicious Good Good!! It’s so fresh That is amazing I […]

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ASMR SUSHI NIGIRI (Salmon+Octopus+Tobiko eggs +Hokkigai+Yellow Herring)

Sushi sauce this dipping sauce is combination of soy sauce, fish sauce, ginger, chilli and vinegar Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel soy sauce wasabi First bite of salmon sushi is all yours OMG! I think i have added too much wasabi in this sushi My head shakes lol Mmmm! So DELICIOUS but it […]

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