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The BEST Authentic Japanese Food in London | London Yum Yum Adventure

Hi guys! This is Far From Home Adventures and today, we’re blessed with a beautiful weather here in London! We’ll be having a stroll in Holland Park. But first, let’s get breakfast! [Music] For breakfast, we’ve decided to get some French pastries at Paul. Paul is a chain of bakeries specializing in French products including […]

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The Weirdest but Amazing Food Combinations RAMEN + SHAVED ICE

Alright, Here we are at Komagome station on the Yamanote line. We are about to get some kakigori and ramen. So you know, you are thinking shaved ice? sweets? Come on, man. That’s not dude food. But just in case, I came here with my friend, Satoko. Hi, I’m Satoko. Let me handle kakigori! So […]

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Americans Try Unusual Japanese Food Inventions

(gasping) (upbeat music) (laughing) – Oh. My. God. – Okay, what the (beep) are we doing? – Apparently we’re supposed to shove this in here. And then make orange juice? (banging) – Aw, it’s so cute and little. – Why not just buy orange juice? – Maybe this will be fun. – Great, and now […]

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