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Steak & Pasta! BONE MARROW Pasta and Grilled Wagyu MBS7 WOW!

Welcome back to Guga Foods everybody today bone marrow pasta with Wagyu marbling score seven check it out! These are all he ingredients I’m gonna be using for this amazing cook today We started off with Iberico cheese then I also have gruyere and parmigiano-reggiano and obviously we can’t make bone marrow pasta without pasta […]

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This is My Favorite Restaurant in the Entire World — The Meat Show

We are about to go into my favorite restaurant on Earth, St. John. This is the place where I think meat cooking has reached a zenith. I don’t think my career would exist as it does if it wasn’t for this place which really pioneered nose-to-tail dining. So, let’s go in there. Let’s meet the […]

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