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Worth It: Season 6 Marathon

– We’re back for part two of our Worth It Taiwan series. Today, we’re doing soup. – Taiwan style. It’s amazing ’cause it’s so hot in Taiwan, and yet, they love their soup here. – It’s eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so many great dishes to try. But before we get there, Steven where […]

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Indians Taste Test American Snacks | BuzzFeed India

This smells like… -Farts. We just ate artificial children. Can you make yours stand? Today we are taste testing American snacks. The things here probably are American snacks, but, like, they’ve “Indianised” it. I’ve had those candies which your NRI relatives get for you. I went to college in the U.S. so I’ve had a […]

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Hired or Fired: Pizza Maker For A Day

Don’t (be) like that! No. Hi everyone! I’m Xenia, welcome to another episode of Hired or Fired and today, I’ll be working at Pizza Hut for a day. My first impression of Pizza Hut would be… they serve really good wings. It’s always a question in my head that they have so many outlets, they […]

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