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Coronavirus : Outbreak in Wuhan Seafood market

pandemic one of the most repeated word in recent times since the outbreak of a deadly coronavirus Cove in nineteen which was emerged in a seafood market in bohon in December last year this was a wholesale seafood market known as Hyun and seafood market which sold live animals and seafood an initial hypothesis formulated […]

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How wildlife trade is linked to coronavirus

It was New Years Eve, 2019 when health officials in China admitted they had a problem. Health authorities have activated their most serious response level. After an outbreak of a new type of viral pneumonia in central China. A rapidly growing number of people were developing a dry cough and fever, before getting pneumonia. And […]

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Can You Get Coronavirus Through Food?

As the coronavirus continues to spread, so does the worry everyone is feeling as this once-localized outbreak transforms into a global pandemic. The number of confirmed cases in the U.S. keeps rising, and unfortunately, so does the death count. “Breaking developments in the coronavirus pandemic: The death toll rising in the U.S., more than 60 […]

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