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How Mat Fraser Eats for Four | Athlete’s Cookbook | Nike

– What does doms mean? D-O-M-S. – Doms? Oh yeah that’s what it is, it’s what you do bro, but it’s like a cool way of saying it. Instead of saying “I dominated the competition,” it’s like dude, doms. How’d it go? Doms. – Obvi. – Obvi? I’m James Davis and I’m an actor, comedian, […]

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The CrossFit Kitchen: Breakfast Pizza

Yo yo, what’s up guys? Are you ready for a victorious start to your day? If so, then stick around for my bacon-crusted breakfast pizza with brocco-lay. Go ahead and gather these ingredients: three heads broccoli, one dozen eggs, 12 slices bacon, Veggie Victory spice blend, olive oil, black pepper. One of my favorite ways […]

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