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KOTD – Rap Battle – Conceited vs Dumbfoundead | #Blackout5

Welcome to black out five Conceited sick shot. That’s my demand. Oh, Nick Jerry Dumbfoundead on the water swap step your darling Mama Cow I am your host Organic you can follow us on Twitter at taking the Doc Outer beauty hip hop [I] want to send a big shot [of] the [Ovo] And drake […]

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AFRICANS TRY SUSHI | Sushi For Beginners

Yes chomi , yes chomi but listen… Noo! No chomi Yes chomi! You’re not black chomi… No man, how can there only be one on the plate?! Oh my God! Can we have chopsticks lolo? Hold on guys, wait. Look they’ve even brought Tabasco sauce and what not! It’s not Tabasco sauce chomi, what is […]

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