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OSAKA REAL FAMOUS FOOD – Japanese Ramen “Ganso Sapporo-ya”

Presenting The real food loved by locals Brought to you by a Japanese-American Ganso Sapporo-ya. Here at this local ramen restaurant, their signature dish is the gyoza dumplings. Each set of dumplings are fried on a special gyoza plate. It is so popular that over 3000 dumplings are ordered everyday. See how crispy the surface […]

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German Teens try Japanese Food (Part 3)

Konnichiwa! From Japan, or rather.. from Germany, but today, we’ll visit Japan. Trying Japanese food, of course. This is difficult to hold. If it drops .. .. wouldn’t be good! I tried for years to learn, but never managed to eat with chopsticks. Don’t say you can do it. Of course I can 😉 Meat? […]

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The Original Ramen Shop in NY: Rai Rai Ken 来々軒 18th Anniversary

Rai Rai ken is named after the iconic restaurant in Asakusa, Japan that was opened in 1910 by Kanichi Ozaki he added new toppings and flavors and serving the first Shoyu Ramen at the price of 60 sen (60銭) it revolutionized ramen in creating the iconic dish the world enjoys today in honor of this […]

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