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Miyoshi Seafood Izakaya みよしの海鮮居酒屋で食べるブリカマは焼き立て熱々で柔らかく脂がノリノリなので刺身や唐揚げで満腹でも食べきれる:Gourmet Reportグルメレポート

Today I will shoot with this camera. I don’t know where the lens is facing. The lens is facing to you. Isn’t it a course menu? We have to order a dish. Today’s recommended dish. What do you want to eat? I want to eat sashimi. So. Otukuri. Assorted sashimi. Let’s order a platter of […]

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Eating Raw Meat Sushi Oreo Challenge

Hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here. Today I’m going to switch it up. I usually do train videos and abandoned railroads but today I’m gonna throw something different at you. I’m going to be doing a raw meat, sushi and Oreo challenge I’m going to be coming at you raw basically so let me go […]

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[ENG] 솜대디의 먹방드라마 | 홍게, BBQ황금올리브,미미네떡볶이,컵누들,다이어트도시락,초밥,매콤삼겹살백반,김치낙지죽,야채죽,벌집삼겹살, 된장찌개, 과자, 애견산책, 산부인과

Artisan adult boiled red crab The wife eats sandwiches and cereals. I’m trimming the crab legs with scissors, it’s annoying but delicious Um ~ it’s delicious Wife hates red crab. So I eat everything It is a sandwich sold at convenience stores. It’s delicious delicious I ’m very happy that my crab is full I […]

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