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MUKBANG ASMR 메쉬 포테이토 치즈퐁듀와 채끝 스테이크 먹방 KOREAN HOME FOOD EATING SOUND!! Nhà gạo [SIO ASMR 시오]

Potato water Make sure the potatoes are cooked. OK. milk Butter Salt Cheese Butter Beef Salt mushroom mushroom herb salt Parsley Hello, I’m SIO. What should I eat today? Steak! Let’s go! Today’s food is Korean beef mushroom Potato And mashed potatoes. Rice I’ve prepared these. I’ll enjoy it! I’m thirsty. This is a mixture […]

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Long Island Has NY’s Freshest Oysters || Food/Groups

The state of New York has about 130 miles of coastline, and damn near all of it is located here, on Long Island. Which stretches from Brooklyn & Queens to the west, all the way out Montauk — the “end of the world” in the east. It’s divided by parkways, and by heated debates over […]

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