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ASMR 날치알 초밥 오이롤, 감태 군함 먹방 [EATING SOUNDS] MUKBANG

Hi guys Have a happy day today, too. 🙂 Today’s food is tobiko eggs sushi cucumber roll and tobiko eggs ecklonia cava kjellman(a kind of laver) california roll. Cucumber’s crispness and ecklonia cava tenderness It goes well with tobiko eggs(flying fish). It smells like seaweed tastes a little bit bitter but delicious. It contains many […]

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ASMR 연어 국수와 연어초밥 날치알 초밥 생 에그타르먹방 三文鱼, ปลาแซลมอน, ikan salem, cá hồi [SAVAGE EATING SOUNDS] MUKBANG

Hi guys Happy new year 2020! Today’s food is salmon sashimi noodles and salmon sushi tobiko eggs raw egg tart. I made sushi in a different way … I forgot to cover it with seaweed in the preparation process. Salmon are a little different when you eat big bytes and noodles. It’s better delicious when […]

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