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The Best Little Ramen In Texas: Ramen Tatsu-Ya (Chef’s Night Out)

nandhu uh getting Skelos like a shout out before from the Tatsuya what you guys do at the very beginning we shall – do you like the intro hey mom my name is Jana koa director of operations at ramen Tatsuya Robin Tatsuya is a quick service ramen shop where the first brick-and-mortar ramen shop […]

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Annoying Orange – Rolling in the Dough

-[distorted voice]: Luke… Luke… I am an orange. [laughs] -[grunts] -Whoa! It’s Jabba the Hutt! -Jabba the what now? No, I think you’re– -All mixed up? Nope, that’s you, Jabba. [laughs] -Ugh, I feel like I pulled a muscle in there. -Hey! Hey, Doughboy! -What? What? -Did you lick the beaters or did the beaters […]

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Female Sushi Chef Miki Izumisawa is Pushing the Boundaries of Tradition

I’m doing fusion sushi, that’s why I don’t stick to traditional sushi rules. Traditional sushi chefs may look down on my sushi, saying, you don’t know sushi. Some chefs, you know, are like, knife. Oh famous. Woah, woah, woah. I don’t care. Your food is ready. Don’t touch the middle plate, it’s hot. Traditional Japanese […]

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