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MUKBANG ASMR 메쉬 포테이토 치즈퐁듀와 채끝 스테이크 먹방 KOREAN HOME FOOD EATING SOUND!! Nhà gạo [SIO ASMR 시오]

Potato water Make sure the potatoes are cooked. OK. milk Butter Salt Cheese Butter Beef Salt mushroom mushroom herb salt Parsley Hello, I’m SIO. What should I eat today? Steak! Let’s go! Today’s food is Korean beef mushroom Potato And mashed potatoes. Rice I’ve prepared these. I’ll enjoy it! I’m thirsty. This is a mixture […]

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ASMR MUKBANG 대왕 가리비, 문어, 새우, 전복 등 다양한 해물을 넣은 해물찜 밥도둑 먹방 SEAFOOD STEAMED OCTORPUS EATING SHOW Hải sản

Completion ~~~~~ Today I prepared spicy seafood steamed at home We have octopus, shrimp, hermit, squid, abalone, red scallops, oysters and giant scallops. I will eat really good food today! First, I’ll eat jjakkumi first It’s really delicious! abalone The red scallops on the cabbage wrap I’m going to eat this octopus I’ll eat shrimp […]

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Try Guys 300 Sushi pc. Mukbang ft. The Food Babies

– Keith, I could definitely polish off your plate entirely if you want. – No. This is for me to deal with. (YB laughing) I’m the Food Daddy. (upbeat music) (ding) – Hey guys, it’s YB. – And Alex. And welcome to another episode of, – [Together] The Food Babies! (ding) – Today, we’re joined […]

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