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Weird Japanese Pizza

I cannot believe how obscenely expensive pizzas in Japan are. It’s Halloween and Pizza Hut has a Halloween Pizza special. I know some people are gonna watch us and think We’re not. There’s lots of great pizza, today we’re gonna try the weird stuff. This by the way is a medium sized pizza. So we […]

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PIZZA CHALLENGE!!! (Gross Toppings) | College Kids Vs. Food

♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) We have a viral challenge for you today… – Ooh. – (FBE) …that has been heavily requested by our subscribers. – Okay. – (FBE) You will be doing the Pizza Topping Challenge. – Huh? – (FBE) We’ll be presenting each of you with your own cheese pizza. You […]

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