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Ramen NOODLE Pizza!

– Hey, I’m Christian. – I’m Alyssia. – And welcome to Eat the Pizza. – And today, we are making a New Year’s noodle pizza. – That’s a, wha? – You heard right, we’re making noodle pizza. Let me explain it to ya. So I was thinking about New Year’s foods. And I was like, […]

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oops forgot to turn that music down thats pretty loud right? boop ba doo doo doo boop ba doo doo doo 420 bLaZe It and it goes downhill from here uhh bad idea youll see no psizzle then clean it? so youll clean a knife but not the mincer…. youre making things harder on yourself […]

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Why is Pizza So Good?

Pizza is, without a doubt, the food of the gods. Whether you keep it simple with a New York-style slice of cheese or go for Chicago deep dish loaded with ingredients, all pizzas deliver devine, rich, cheesy, mouth-watering experiences that hustle your brain’s pleasure centers into overdrive. Although the ingredients may change, all pizza tastes […]

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