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Yummy Nummies Tacos – Whatcha Eating? #208

Greetings, my lovelies. Hi, it’s Emmy. Welcome back to another ‘Whatcha Eating?’ Today, I have a bit of a cold, but life goes on, right? Today I’ll be tasting one of these — and this is a Yummy Nummies kit. It’s an American version of the Japanese Poppin’ Cookin’. Although they don’t say so. And […]

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Self-Heating Meal | Heater Meal Taste Test | Chicken Noodle & Gravy

Hello, my lovelies! It’s Emmy. Welcome back. Today I’ll be doing another tasting of a self-heating meal. And this is made by Heater Meals, and as I mentioned, it’s the self-heating meal. The same concept and actually made by the same manufacturers as those that make the MREs or the Meals Ready to Eat which […]

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Yummy Nummies PIZZA Making Kit

(Santa Lucia MUSIC) Hello my beautiful lovelies. It’s Emmy. Welcome back. Today I’ll be tasting another ‘Yummy Nummies’ kit. And this time it is the ‘Pizza Party Maker’. So I’ve made several of these Yummy Nummies kits in the past. I shall put a playlist down below if you are interested in seeing the old […]

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