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Carbonara Breakfast Pizza – The Cooking Show

[ Crunches ] Mm, let’s get started. We’re back in the Munchies test kitchen, and we are making one of my favorite foods. Actually not one of, probably my all-time favorite food: pizza. But not just any pizza, grilled pizza. But not just any grilled pizza, carbonara pizza. First things first, we’re going to make […]

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Seafood Watch

bringing the people behind our food to life it’s even worse is watching the science really i mean that’s the science based program so we’re watching what is the science telling us about the way the species cohen found what’d if it’s a awhile crawfish wanted the impacts of populations of those fish well what’s […]

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Private Investigator Guesses Who’s Dating Out Of A Lineup • Part 2

– Hello, I’m John, I’m a private investigator here in Los Angeles, and today it’s my job to determine which two of these six individuals are currently romantically linked. No job is ever easy, but I think I’m up to the task. (lively jazz music) – We’ll start in the end here. How bout these […]

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