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ASMR MUKBANG 연어, 전복, 문어, 가리비, 키조개, 소라 등 인기있는 해물 구이 먹방 POPULAR GRILLED SEAFOOD EATING SOUNDS Hải sản

(Popular grilled seafood) Please turn on subtitles in settings Clean the salmon octopus abalone It’s so fresh 😂 Clean the abalone comparison Abalone teeth removal scallop conch giant clam Various seasonings Happy 😍 Hello, I’m “SuniMom” 😂 Today’s food is popular grilled seafood Wouldn’t it be delicious? 🤣 I’ll try it deliciously 😆 Please Subscribe […]

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Prague Food, Beer, Dessert

There are many places here that exchange cash, but a lot of them are scams. So this place, I learned from YouTube, is a place that we can trust. I love KFC. This is the place that Matty wants to check out. Why, hunny? Because it’s ice cream. Because it’s ice cream. Because it’s ice […]

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[Mukbang] 줄돔 통구이 + 회 돌돔 먹방 🐟 Amazing Fresh Striped BeakFish Sashimi Eatingsound ASMR

Striped beakfishes~ Ugh~ [email protected]#$!!! OH!!!!😬 Its strength is no joke!~ Since it’s small!!! It’s.Very.Nimble (🐟Pulsating🐟) [email protected]##[email protected]!#!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 WHATSHOULDIDO Get back in the ocean! UGH!! Hello~ Gunnie-ru~! Gunnie-chiwa~! Gunnie-hao~! Xin.Chào! It’s Gunnie~❤ Today’s content to enjoy with y’all is~ Striped beakfish!~ In the previous video, I tried just a plain bream, right? It was Black Sea […]

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