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FUKUOKA VLOG | Exploring Dazaifu ⛩ BEST Ramen in Fukuoka! 🍜 福岡

Hello from Fukuoka! We arrived here yesterday night and today we are exploring the city a little bit and we actually just arrived in Dazaifu, it is? Right? Dazaifu. Dazaifu. We just arrived in Dazaifu and it’s famous for their shrine and they also have an interesting Museum here or supposedly interesting so, yeah Let’s […]

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京都の屋台レジェンド 前田のベビーカステラ 吉田節分祭2020!Kyoto Street Food Legend Maeda’s Baby Castella! Japanese Food!

Hello, it is DELI BALI! Today we are at the Yoshida Setsubun Festival in Kyoto! I am at Maeda’s Baby Castella, the most vibrant food stall in Kyoto! The craftsman will bake dondon with two castella baking machines! It sells like a fly whenever you come Wow, beautiful! (Screaming) It’s a 60 year taste! (Screaming) […]

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