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A TASTE OF VEGAN JAPAN | Exploring Tokyo’s Vegan Gourmet Festival

So if you’re looking for something different to do this summer why not check out one of the many festivals in Tokyo. There are two things that Japan loves one is food and the other is a summer festival. Where are we? I don’t actually know. Z11 So we’re going to a vegan food festival. […]

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My FAVORITE town in Japan’s countryside

Hey guys, it’s Sherry. Today, I’m in a little town called Uchikocho in Southern Ehime which is about one hour away from Matsuyama by train. Uchiko is actually one of my favorite towns in Ehime because of these tiny streets filled with old Japanese houses. You can enjoy Uchiko simply by taking a walk or […]

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Japanese Inn & Kaiseki Cuisine: The Ryokan Stay Experience

ONLY in JAPAN The traditional Japanese inn “Ryokan” is more than just a place to stay You can lounge around in cotton Kimonos called “Yukata” or soak in mineral baths until you feel 10 years younger Each Ryokan room and meal is different offering a real only in Japan experience It’s a place where you […]

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