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Mouthwatering Japanese Food at the Newest Gastropub in Maginhawa QC

We’re trying Japanese food out today! Hi guys good morning! My name is Jen of jenuinelyhappy.com And I’m here at Soru Izakaya We got to try their food out today Along with other vloggers / bloggers We’ll try their food and surely Get our stomachs full from Japanese food today Soru Izakaya is known for […]

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Japanese Food Mukbang: Foreigners try Sushi + Yakisoba + Matcha Mochi

and we’re live there is no going back there’s no going back at this point so this is our first-ever mukbang guys yeah and it’s a little bit weird strange for us because we’re used to having sort of creative control over my doing being able to cut being able to edit our videos some […]

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