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How to order food in Japanese Restaurant/ Japanese Language for beginners

hi i’m Maki, Japanese cuisine is well known as delicious enjoy Japanese food is a must-do activity forTravel. Today we are going to show you some useful phrase in Japanese restaurant. After this video you will know how to order food in Japanese restaurant so that you can start making conversation with the Japanese stuff. […]

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SERIOUSLY GOOD Japanese food in London | Kouzu lunch date vlog

Good afternoon viewers! Today, I’m going for a very fancy lunch at a Japanese restaurant in London called Kouzu. And I thought I would bring you with me, in case you were in the mood for some Japanese food porn, which is a term I recommend you don’t type into your web browser because who […]

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Japanese Food | Aki Bay Ramen Restaurant | Chennai

Aki Bay! Our new favorite place… Aki Bay! “kyou aki be restoran ha aiteimasu ka” (Are you open today) “sugoi sugoi” (That’s great!) We’re going! (giggles) This is how it’s going to be! (Laughs) Hello! Thank you for clicking on this video. This is my room mate Kanika. She’s joining us today on EscapismAhead. We’re […]

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