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Live Squid Cutting for Sashimi │ Noryangjin Fish Market, Seoul Korea │ Seafood in Korea

Squid Location and price info is in video description Trio (ejecting ink) (skinning) Noryangjin Fish Market, Seoul, South Korea LIVE FISH – 128 Busan Jagalchi Sea Pineapple InnKeeper Worm Octopus Sea Snail LIVE SQUID (woman singing~♩ ♪ ♬) (man singing~♩ ♪ ♬) 🙂 (squirting) (squirting) 🙂 (squid changing colour) (squirting black ink) (cutting) (removing innards) […]

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Delicious KOREAN SEAFOOD FEAST at Noryangjin Fish Market, SEOUL, South Korea

we’re at Seoul’s biggest seafood market and that can only mean one thing a seafood feast there’s row upon row of seafood vendors who’ve got these massive tanks full of fresh seafood, let’s go and find something to eat we’re buying the seafood fresh from the tanks and then we’re taking it to a restaurant […]

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