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Assorted Sushi : Salmon Eel Shrimp Clam Flatfish Cuttlefish

Hi guys ~ salmon sushi & soy sauce shrimp sushi & cheese sauce cuttlefish sushi & red pepper paste clam sushi & horseradish sauce eel sushi octopus sushi Please subscribe,like and comments !!!!! flatfish sushi Thanks for watching ~ Please subscribe,like and comments !!!

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SUB]짜파게티로 짜장면 만들기 :How to Make Black Ramen Chapagetti mukbang

Hello it is Hyunpan Are you worried about what to eat today? How about making jjajangmyeon with jjajang ramen today? Let’s go make it together if it’s really possible or impossible. Ingredients: Jjajang Ramen, Pork, Onion Subsidiary Materials: Salt, Oyster Sauce Today I’m going to make jjajang noodle using jjajang ramen Trim is done with […]

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