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밤으로 만든 ‘밤라면’

Hello, I’m Paik Jong Won (Paik Jong Won does a) (cooking vlog) (Paik’s Cooking Log) (OPEN Delicious Rendezvous) (Chestnut Ramyun) [Paik Jong Won’s Secret Ingredients] Today is ramyun Everyone likes ramyun right? Do you remember the episode on chestnuts on Delicious Rendezvous where we made ramyun with chestnuts? We’ll make that today We promised to […]

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MUKBANG |직접 만든 유부 초밥 유부말이, 비엔나소세지, 컵라면 먹방 먹방!|만들기 레시피| Korean Sushi & Ramen [SIO ASMR 시오]

fried tofu sushi, fried tofu roll, mini gimbap making set Mini sausage, cup noodles. gimbap making set There are ham, sesame oil, pickled radish, carrot, and seaweed inside. fried tofu rice ball making set minced beef and pickled radish almonds, laver fried tofu roll making set I don’t know the exact names of those. That’s […]

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