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Guy Who Cooks In His Front Yard In LA Is A Quesadilla Legend

Hey, hey guys. It’s your boy Mr. AFNG himself out here in the O.C. going up like always though you hear me what I say. Nevertheless we have two shrimp quesadillas coming up. I said Lord I want you to open my business to where I’ll be able to deal with all different nationalities. I […]

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The Tale of Kogitsunemaru (小狐丸)! The Legendary Japanese Sword!

Hello everybody, and welcome back to JapanSauce.net. Today I’m gonna be talking about another legendary sword. If you remember in my previous video, the Tenka Goken “The Five Swords Under Heaven” there was another legendary sword created by the swordsmith Munechika. And that sword is the Kogitsunemaru. So the following story tells the tale about […]

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