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Bone-In Pizza || Baku Series S2:E4

I ain’t had pizza in a B..R. I.C.K ! 🅱uongiorno I’m sorry i don’t speak i t a l i c s dis is Mama Mia Pizzeria what kind of pizza u want? wait they got u workin food service? dam well it really do be like dat sometime shits wack look my man im […]

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Boneless Pizza 2 || Baku Series S4:E4

Calling up this shop Talkin’ bout some L. E. M. M. E. G. E. T. I .T. B. O. N. E. L. E .S .S. Who the fuck is Lemme? Yeah pizza what you want? I ordered a pizza a year ago, Y’all making that shit or nah? YESN’T *Pages flipping* Motherfuckers always speaking Ⓘⓣⓐⓛⓘⓒⓢ […]

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Boneless Pizza

Bruh I’m deadass hungry right now ya pizza what you want Lemme get uhhh… Coke we got 1 liter tho Fuck you mean B? The fuck did i just say then? like pizza got a damn bone in it So what’s the problem

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