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Fast Food Mashup Roulette • Feast Mode Hunger Squad

– Woo! KFC and Wendy’s need to get together. You guys– – [Man] Sign a treaty. – Make a baby. Live and direct from Hollywood, – It’s your girl Freddie. – It’s your boy, (record scratch) Freddie made me say that but I can’t. – We’re going to go to one fast food restaurant. – […]

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PIZZA TIME // Songify Spider-Man!

remember…with great power comes great– pizza time! what have you done? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!? pizza time! listen… there’s more for me to say… pizza time! [drum fill, pizza-themed music ensues, inspiring hunger and hope] [vocoded vocals repeating “pizza time” ad infinitum] did Beethoven sleep before he wrote the 5th? did Edison sleep before he […]

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