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Cooking with Marshmello: How To Make Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice)

Hello, everyone and welcome to the third episode of cooking, with Marshmello. We’ve got one of our favorite dishes on the menu today, we’ll be cooking up “nasi goreng”, also known as Indonesian fried rice * Indonesian Music “Eta Terangkanlah”* The editor rankine lardons to put us in the right spirit Now there are many […]

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Meatless Satay, Otah and Bak Kut Teh?

It tastes better than real meat. The name of my stall is ‘Victor Veggie’. We sell vegetarian food. The taste of mock meat and meat will definitely be a little different. I’ve been selling vegetarian food since I was 24 years old. When I first started, it was because of religion. But now, my motivations […]

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What Dinner at a Japanese 7-Eleven is Like

Hello world, where I’m from in Japan, this is what a 7-Eleven dinner is like So I wanted to make the food yummy, so umm the people will want to eat the food again And so they can make it at home Perfect For the soup and bean dish, I wanted something simple so I […]

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