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열라면 + 틈새라면 열틈라면 매운왕교자 리얼사운드먹방/THE SPICIEST NOODLES SOUP IN KOREA🔥SPICY DUMPLINGS Mukbang Eating Show

Hey, I’m here Teumsae ramen(The spiciest ramen noodles soup in Korea) & Yeol ramen (Spicy ramen) left together at home! Spicy dumplings★ because two packs of noodles are not enough for me (My small but certain happiness today with the spiciest noodles soup) Kimchi is a must! Hi, guys! Today, I prepared Yeol+Teumsae ramen, the […]

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【MUKBANG ASMR】무슨 맛!!?? 😳진짜 쫄면 와사비 & 납작만두 & 삼겹살ㅣKorea Wasabi ramen ??ㅣEATING SOUNDㅣ집밥ㅣ우지먹방ㅣ

hi^^ It’s too big. Hello, this is Uzi. What food do you want to eat today? Let me introduce myself. Whoo-hoo! Real scary wasabi (Korean Ramen) flat dumpling Pork belly Here’s what I’ve prepared. Me too. If you’re really scared, Wasabi is. Because it’s my first time. Enjoy your meal. I will do that That’s […]

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