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Jom makan SUSHI!! [ AEON ]

Mama : Okay.. Dig in! Mama : *Read prayer* Amin Mama : Shahid, do you wanna buy eggs to eat? Shahid : For what? Mama : That eggs that we bought before.. Hahahaha (There’s happy children playing nearby) She’s so happy~ Mama : But there’s not much beef (She bought fried rice) Mama : Only […]

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Hello, good night everyone! Today I want you to join me to eat SUSHI together! Eating SUSHI! Ta-daaaa! So, maybe you often hear there is Sushi at price of 100 Yen in Japan all the sushi cost 100 Yen! It’s very cheap, for one plate is 100 yen and each plate contain two sushi in […]

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Jom makan SUSHI!! [ Empire Sushi IPC ]

Just go… I can stay here Mama : I’m watching… Mama : Auntie Noli’s- Mama : Vlog where she went to our house for raya Wait Bring all our stuff closer because- I don’t notice- I can’t see(take care of) them Idan : Sis.. Eat on the table Idan : You’re eating on the floor […]

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