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Sneak Candy in Class! 19 DIY Edible School Supplies & School Pranks!

School would be way more awesome if we could snack on yummy candy during classes! Unfortunately teachers don’t agree with this, so we have to trick them. Here are 20 epic ideas on how to sneak your favorite snacks to class! You, you out! Leave it! Nom nom nom! Sour gummy worms! Yum – is […]

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7 FUNNY DIY SCHOOL PRANKS || Easy Pranks For Back To School!

Stuck sitting through another boring lecture? Okay, Amy. Go ahead and open your notebook to page — Now that’s a math equation we can all get on board with! If you’re looking for some fun pranks to spice things up in the classroom, we’ve got you covered. Remember these from back in grade school? Here’s […]

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E101 How To Cook Edible Pranks For The Kid In Office | Ms Yeah

[Music] hi guys I miss ya please give it a big thumbs up down below this video subscribe my channel and don’t forget to click that bill I can’t fix it you could also follow my Instagram and Facebook page and listen more love you [Music] [Music] birth to the batter on top we have […]

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