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How To Make The Best Ramen At Home With June

– Can we just take a moment to appreciate how freakin’ beautiful it is? It is perfectly tender, skin is so glossy. (upbeat music) Hi guys, welcome back to My Home Kitchen and today we are making some homemade Ramen from scratch. We’re not making the noodles, but we’re making everything else from scratch. The […]

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집에서 만드는 초간단 닭갈비/치즈너구리닭/맛있어요

Cheese Ramen Chicken If you want to taste spicy chicken dishes at home, it’s recommended! Ramen RTA onion chicken breast Green Onion cabbage water Soy sauce Kochujang corn syrup Olive oil Vietnamese pepper Shredded Cheese butter Subscribe to Judy TV and don’t forget it Chop onion Slice cabbage Green Onion Slicing Seasoning 2 tablespoons of […]

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