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Indians try Korean Jin Ramen

Annyeonghasaeyo! It was daebak! -It was really delicious! -Yummy and spicy! -It was pretty good, I really liked it! -It was really good. I have tasted noodles of different types; ramen (Japanese), ramyeon (Korean) and all, and this was really nice. It tasted well, it was really good. -It was more authentic, and it really […]

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Como preparar Sopa Ramen (Shoyu Ramen)

Hello everyone, today I bring you one of the recipes that you have asked me for a long time, the authentic and delicious Shoyu Ramen I hope you like it, let’s get started In a pot put a piece of Kombu seaweed, Japanese soy sauce and let chill for at least 30 minutes, although if […]

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