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JSAdventure #219 – Trying Out Geaux Sushi (Thibodaux, LA) (中英字幕)

Alright~ we’re at Sushi Geaux 好吧~我們在Geaux 壽司店 let’s go! 走吧!! okay~ Steena is going to try Fried asparagus tempura 好囉~ Steena要試吃日式炸蘆筍 it’s really good~ 好吃~ is it good? 好吃嗎?? it’s different from what i thought… yeah!! it’s really good~ 跟我想像的不一樣…嗯!! 好吃欸~ yay~ it’s here… what kind of roll is this? 耶~來了~~~ 這是什麼 壽司捲?? that’s Spicy […]

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Deep Dish Pizza – The Cooking Show

-We’re here. It’s back. Guess what we’re making again. Again, yes. I say it again. Pizza. But not just any pizza. Some would argue not pizza at all. We’re making deep-dish pizza in a cast-iron skillet. So typically, a deep-dish pizza, you think of Chicago, right? I’m not from Chicago. I’m a Marylander. I like […]

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How a Master Sushi Chef Butchers a 250 Pound Bluefin Tuna — Omakase

– We always try to get a whole fish because we can utilize all different parts of meat. Typically there’s akami, chutoro, and ootoro. But if you get a whole bluefin tuna it’s more variety of the bluefin tuna. Irasshaimase. So personally, I think bluefin tuna is really important in Edomae sushi. Today our bluefin […]

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