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ASMR SALMON 연어회 연어 초밥 리얼사운드 먹방 노토킹 이팅사운드 리뷰 | *NoTalking MUKPPO Eating Show KOREAN mukbang

Hi everyone! I’m MUKPPO~^^ please subscribe and click the likes button ♥ I’ll try to eat ‘salmon sashimi and sushi’ today. salmon sushi Salmon sushi is always delicious! It’s fresh and chewy! I’ll sprinkle soy sauce.~~ Sushi tastes better with soy sauce than just eating it! I’m going to eat sushi with red pepper paste(CHO […]

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MUKBANG ASMR 집밥 새우 열라면 & 문어 연어 스테이크 초밥 먹방 KOREAN HOME FOOD EATING SOUND!! الأرز المنزل Nhà gạo

It’s done~~~~~~~~~~ Today’s ramen with king shrimp. salmon sashimi an octopus board Beef bachelor kimchi I even prepared rice to make sushi! I’ll enjoy today’s meal! I’ll have ramen first! salmon sashimi It’s sweet! It’s really delicious! I love the texture! I’ll eat beef with radish sprouts and bellies. It’s really chewy! King Black Tiger […]

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🍣 GIANT SALMON SUSHI ASMR Mukbang Eating sounds

I made salmon sushi 🙂 Season the rice with sushi vinegar I put some Wasabi on the rice I made this like a teriyaki sauce of Taiwanese Sammi restaurant. Hi guys ~ ♥ Today’s menu: salmon sushi It is shiny. XD The sweetness of the sauce goes well with the savoriness of the salmon. There’s […]

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