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회덮밥 : 집에서 뜬 연어회 : Salmon Sashimi on steamed rice

Hello, it’s Jipbap here. Today’s menu is Salmon Sashimi on steamed rice Put Salmon and fresh vegetables in a bowl and mix with ChoJang(Korean chilly sauce) This just can’t go wrong. So yummy! First, we need to fillet the salmon. Wipe the salmon with paper towels. If you don’t want to fillet a salmon, You […]

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ASMR 연어 덮밥 + 연어 김밥 + 유부 초밥 먹방 [EATING SHOW] MUKBANG

Hi guys Welcom to sowoon asmr channel. Today’s food is salmon with rice, salmon sushi, tofu rice balls sushi. Salmon fried rice shrimp, salmon roe, Roasted Seaweed Snacks are in it together. Salmon sushi and tofu rice balls sushi are also delicious. Today’s sauce is a wasabi soy sauce. So let’s get start! Please subscribe, […]

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