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AJINOTATAKI … how to make sashimi of horse mackerel

today, I cook Tataki of Japanese horse mackerel I introduce you simple way how to cut horse mackerel I think this is most simple way to cutting mackerel to three on youtube This is horse mackerel. First, cut away the head of it. and next, cut away the gut. rinse with water inside it. next, […]

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Miyoshi Seafood Izakaya みよしの海鮮居酒屋で食べるブリカマは焼き立て熱々で柔らかく脂がノリノリなので刺身や唐揚げで満腹でも食べきれる:Gourmet Reportグルメレポート

Today I will shoot with this camera. I don’t know where the lens is facing. The lens is facing to you. Isn’t it a course menu? We have to order a dish. Today’s recommended dish. What do you want to eat? I want to eat sashimi. So. Otukuri. Assorted sashimi. Let’s order a platter of […]

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Hi guys! It’s Kaneko! Today’s main ingredient is this! Mysterious box Alright, let’s start cleaning! [Cooking Starts!] Alright, so here is today’s main ingredient Electric eel I’m going to tell you all first, I will be doing something dangerous in this video Even if you receive a fresh electric eel, please do not attempt doing […]

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