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Salmon, Salad? Sashimi? ESL Culture study Professor Reza and student lunch break rapport

Yo! Bro, that Sushi ain’t in a rolllllllllllll tho. Sashimi??? What?! Salmo, Sashimi, Salad…… English is sooooo confusing!!! Sign up ESL English Class with Professor Reza at: www.ututorpro.com “Study? Hmmmmm,,,,,I’d rather like to enjoy my Sashimi……” Tommy @ututorpro on Facebook or Instagram to connect with Professor Reza Sign up IELTS Prep Class with Professor Reza […]

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David Skoko from Konoba Batelina makes Istrian sashimi

[David learned how to properly fillet fish in Japan] [it seems easy] [but there’s a lot of years of practice in these hands] Are you preparing the carpaccio in Sardinian way? No, in Japanese way. And the knife is Japanese? Yes, it is! It’s sashimi the Istrian way! [look how he removes all bones in […]

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