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Hello friends brothers and sisters welcome welcome How has your weekend been so far Here in front of you is SALMON BELLY everybody That was spicy Sriracha sauce and Japanese mayonnaise Let’s take a cup of tea with me. here it’s my favorite green tea Hōjicha (ほうじ茶) which is roasted green tea, toasty, slightly caramel-like […]

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Farm to Bowl: The Newest Ramen Trend in Tokyo

Good morning, everyone. It’s Brian, Ramen Adventures. Here is another Tokyo ramen shop. Today, we are at the newest from… MENSHO That’s right. Now, if you’ve watched my videos, you know I’ve been to quite a few shops in the Mensho group. If you go to my blog, Ramen Adventures, I’ve been to all of […]

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แซลมอน 100 ชิ้น อิ่มจุกๆ★SALMON SASHIMI 100 SLICE 1.5KG MUKBANG ASMR

Hello everyone! Welcome to my channel! Today I am having 1.5kg of salmon I sliced them into exactly 100 slices I’m having it with shoyu sauce with lots of wasabi, and seafood sauce And also white radish, Japanese cucumber, kaiware and Cocktail onions Lets go! Today I’ll be having fanta orange Its too delicious Shoyu […]

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