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oh the good old seafood war tonight yo what’s up yo what’s up buddy we are tearing down in just a minute make it baby what up y’all a beer B Square B there B squared what he do what it do what it do do do I’m back with another one another one Bagga […]

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Spicy Seafood with Thach Odom (English closed captions available)

Okay, hello everyone! Today due to the covid-19 quaratine I am just staying home with nothing to do, boring AF So I wanna share with you guys on how to cook snow crab legs and craw fish I don’t know what craw fish is called in Khmer Everyone has their own ways of cooking seafood […]

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ASMR MUKBANG 연어, 전복, 문어, 가리비, 키조개, 소라 등 인기있는 해물 구이 먹방 POPULAR GRILLED SEAFOOD EATING SOUNDS Hải sản

(Popular grilled seafood) Please turn on subtitles in settings Clean the salmon octopus abalone It’s so fresh 😂 Clean the abalone comparison Abalone teeth removal scallop conch giant clam Various seasonings Happy 😍 Hello, I’m “SuniMom” 😂 Today’s food is popular grilled seafood Wouldn’t it be delicious? 🤣 I’ll try it deliciously 😆 Please Subscribe […]

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