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Tips for Preparing Seafood : How to Crack a Crab Claw

Now for the claws it’s a little bit thicker shell so it’s a little harder to get into but again we don’t want to press to hard with our crabbers cause we don’t want to damage the meat that’s on the inside. Pop that off we already popped this shell so it’s clean and easy […]

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Golden Retriever Puppies Love Seafood | Kritter Klub

Cuteness overload They’re two months old They’re this big at two months? Yes, because they eat so well Family portrait They may look cute and innocent But I’m scared of them these days *wreak havoc* *tug of war* leaves a trail in its tracks what now next target : octopus I hear dinner Dog meets […]

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Pad Thai Chicken and Seafood Fried Rice of Thailand

[IRFAN’S VIEW’S INTRO MUSIC PLAYS] Hey hello guys!! We are in Thailand, Yesterday we had Octopus here, While on my way, I saw this shop, I found Pad thai Chicken here, And the fried rice in a Thailand style, I saw all this here, It looked beautiful for me. [MUSIC] We’ve bought Chicken Pad thai […]

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