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Grilled Mackerel Sushi with Teriyaki Sauce – Morgane Recipes

I wanted to eat grilled fish sushi with teriyaki sauce and subtly flavored with shiso and wasabi. Here is the recipe. Start by cooking sushi rice. Take 300g of sushi rice and wash it 3 times. Cook with 30cl of water. Meanwhile prepare the Teriyaki sauce. Put in a saucepan: 10cl of soy sauce, 10cl […]

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手巻き寿司の作り方 Hand-rolled sushi recipe

Cut the 2 cucumbers into sticks. Cut the 1 young yellowtail fillet into thin slices. Cut the 1 lean tuna fillet into rectangles. Cut the 1 squid fillet into thin strips. Make 1 or 2 scores on the mackerel skin’s surface, for every slice about to be cut. (This fish-cutting technique is “kirikake-zukuri”, often use […]

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