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My FAVORITE town in Japan’s countryside

Hey guys, it’s Sherry. Today, I’m in a little town called Uchikocho in Southern Ehime which is about one hour away from Matsuyama by train. Uchiko is actually one of my favorite towns in Ehime because of these tiny streets filled with old Japanese houses. You can enjoy Uchiko simply by taking a walk or […]

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Learn the Top 10 Japanese Foods

みなさん、こんにちは、りさです。 (Mina-san, konnichiwa, Risa desu.) It’s Risa. Today we are going to do Top 10 Japanese Foods. Do you like it? おでん (oden) おでんといえば、寒い冬にみんなで食べるっていうイメージなんですけど。(Oden to ie ba, samui fuyu ni minna de taberu tte iu imēji nan desu kedo.) いっぱい具があって、卵とか大根とかちくわとか (Ippai gu ga atte, tamago toka daikon toka chikuwa toka) まあ地域によって差もあるんですけど。 (mā chiiki ni yotte […]

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