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Spicy Ramen Ramyeon Challenge – Emmymade in Japan

Greetings, my lovelies! Hi, it’s Emmy; welcome back! Today, I’m gonna be doing something that’s been requested a few times. And, it’s my sort of take on the “spicy ramen challenge.” So… …here it is! And, as many of you probably know, there are spicy ramen challenges in which you challenge someone to eat this […]

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Ramen Chef Reviews Instant Ramen

(bright music) – My name’s Douglas Kim, owner and chef at Jeju Noodle Bar. I’ve been working in the restaurant industry for 19 years. Today, I have a privilege to taste instant ramens. Wow, smells very familiar, but is not in a good way. The color looks very… I don’t remember when the last time […]

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