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How to Prepare Soft-Shell Blue Crabs (软壳蟹) | How to Make Sushi

Hi, my name is Dan, and this video supports my online sushi course on Udemy.com. And you can learn more about the video lectures in the link below. As many of you know, Soft-shell crabs are a real delicacy and they’re very popular in sushi restaurants. And compared to hardshell crabs, they’re much easier to […]

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YUZU Sushi Chicago (My Favorite Jumbo Rolls!)

Okay so this is West Loop and this is YUZU a super awesome sushi place that Adriana has heard about and we wanted to check it out. They make like art out of it we’re gonna order like way too much sushi more than we can eat just so we can see the art that […]

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2KG GIANT MAKI ROLL | Eatbook Vlogs | EP 121

Hi guys, welcome to another episode of Eatbook vlogs. I am Brenda, and I am Chiara! And today, we are trying a GIANT MAKI ROLL! Okay, we’re now here at Maneko Japanese Restaurant. and Brenda, what’s your favourite kind of roll? My monthly payroll. Okay, but jokes aside right, my favourite kind of roll is […]

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