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Genki Sushi at Ala Moana Mall a fun family dinner 🍣

Alright Cora, what are we doing today? Going to have sushi. Where at? The mall. At the mall? We’re at Ala Moana and we’re going to Genki Sushi. Great! Alright Cora, what are you going to get today? Tamago! Yum. Tamago. Hey Cora, what are you making? Some yummy sandwiches. Chicken sandwiches? Seaweed and chicken, […]

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oh I am hungry for sushi chemical sushi husband she playing sure let’s go to cut the middle a DA cadenza in Syria over the famous crossing they have ensued at the sushi restaurant we had a weekend it’s very fresh and delicious position it is located in st. departmental store the name is accustomed […]

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Sushi Train in Japan

Do you understand anything of what is written here? No problem This is… We are so used to this now… Just use the method of pressing everything on the screen to find out what is what Ok, now we have four of these What about… let’s see Then we need something to drink Drink bar? […]

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