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How to eat japanese soup ramen

I am making a video, Masha. What is in your bowl? In my is sizzling, and you have pork in yours. No. Oh, you have chicken! Noodles and chicken. Show us how you can… How you can handle chopsticks. Here I wind the noodles around the stick. Well, you passed the exam. Say something at […]

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The Best Sushi in Japan – Seven Years Later

– Seven years ago, we got our first taste of high-end sushi, and we did the video Best Sushi in Japan. – Okay, so we’re doing one for sushi. (gentle piano music) – Oh, it’s so good. Oh! – It needs some sad song. – We haven’t been able to get in since. It’s been […]

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Awesome gaming SUSHI!? PAC-MAN sushi!| Ep:17

(beep) (upbeat arcade music) – Welcome to your source of Japanese gaming, arcading, and all things crazy in Japan. – We’re your hosts. I’m Kabukin. – And I’m Tom right here in Storia, in the kitchen, again with Master Hachi. (ancient Japanese music) – [All] Oh… – Futomaki. – Futomaki. – Thick rice ball rolls, […]

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