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Exploring Fukushima: Mountain Towns, Hot Springs, & Food

(uplifting music) – Hey, fellow explorers, we’re gonna be going to Fukushima, Japan, for five days. This is a quick travel Vlog, just to show you the highlights and we’re starting this trip here in Asakusa, in Tokyo. We’re gonna take the Tobu Skytree Line, the revenue train, we’re gonna head inside to buy some […]

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You Know You’re From Huntington Beach If…

– [Both] You know you’re from Huntington Beach if… (upbeat music) – You know you’re from Huntington Beach when you get to wear shorts and flip flops all year round. (upbeat music) – You know you’re from Huntington Beach if you know 1000 ways to say dude. Dude. Dude. Dude. Dudirino. Dudettes and dudes. Have […]

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INSANE FIRE RAMEN in Japan | 72 Hours in Kyoto

We have been serving fire ramen and for more than 30 years. But nobody has been dead for now. Oh, [inaudible] last time you saw us we were in Europe and now we’ve thought, I think it’s time to go home. So we are currently heading back to Australia and on the way we’ve decided […]

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