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Sushi Flashcards | Learn Sushi Toppings and Terminology

sushi rice soy sauce egg shrimp halfbeak squid octopus sea bream spot prawn tuna salmon pickle roll tuna roll cucumber roll battleship roll yellowtail blood clam scallop crab horse mackerel fatty tuna minced tuna with scallions sea eel grilled mackerel sushi rice stuffed in deep-fried sweet tofu pouches fortune roll hand-rolled sushi sushi rice soy […]

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How to make Negitoro(turn on subtitles)

How to make Negitoro(Minced Tuna with green onion) Cut green onion next, Cut tuna cut many times to make mince put soy sauce and Sweet rice wine into tuna mince put green onion into tuna mince last, put mayonnaise into tuna mince Finish, Thank you for watching

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Hello~.~ Today’s menus are Raw TUNA & SALMON BELLY Both are one of our favorites haha And we prepared Cider 🙂 Soda popping sounds~ The first sip Wasabi~ We disinfected our mouth by Ginger piece lol So good sounds & flavor Let’s dig in~! That is it!!! This is why we like TUNA Soft & […]

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