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hi! guys….. raw tuna I will eat today fresh seafood mix….. tuna,salmon,shrimps,scallops.. raw tuna no fishy taste sushi is different flavors and texture shrimp little bit sweet salmon smooth taste raw scallop have firmer texture SUBSCRIBE and LIKE.thanks guys xoxoxo

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6 Must Try Japanese Dishes in Tokyo | Tsukiji Street Food

Last year in 2018, Tsukiji Fish Market, the biggest fish market in the world, came to an end. It actually moved two or three kilometers down the coastline to Toyosu Fish Market. However, what a lot of people don’t know is the outer market – the good bit, where all the food is an all […]

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참치 스페셜! 산더미 참치마요와 참치회 리얼사운드 먹방! | 참치 무한리필 | Bulk Tuna Mayo and Tuna Sashimi Real Sound Mukbang

[(Finally,)] [(Finally,)] [(See the results from exercise??!)] [(it’s trainer)] [(Hong Sound is here)] [ T.T ] [(Take a break)] [Gulp] [(Another trainer)] – Can i be on the screen as well? – For sure! [(Newbie comin’ up)] I’m going to taste the first Tteok (rice cake) now. [He’s watching…] Huh? I suddenly got craved to […]

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