20,000 Meals a Day At Google – A Frank Experience

♪♪ -Enjoy. Enjoy. ♪♪ Serving some amazing local bass here at Google. This is a Frank experience. ♪♪ Tech companies are known for treating their employees amazing, especially when it comes to food. Here at Google, it’s pretty much the gold standard. The New York City Google campus has more than 8,000 employees, and they […]

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The Pizza Show – Bay Area

I own a pizzeria. – Oh yeah? – Yeah. – Really, where? What kind? – In Brooklyn. In Williamsburg, Brooklyn. – You from Brooklyn? – I’m from Brooklyn. Can I do some Brooklyn accent? What do you got? Let’s see it. Come on. Hey, how you doing? Are you talking to me? You talking to […]

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Carbonara Breakfast Pizza – The Cooking Show

[ Crunches ] Mm, let’s get started. We’re back in the Munchies test kitchen, and we are making one of my favorite foods. Actually not one of, probably my all-time favorite food: pizza. But not just any pizza, grilled pizza. But not just any grilled pizza, carbonara pizza. First things first, we’re going to make […]

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